Invitation to Apply for the Chase Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card Invitation Number to Apply for Chase Ink Business Cards

You may have received an offer to in the mail to apply for the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card from Chase. Applying for this card is simple there is an invitation number that you were provided with which makes it very simple to apply.

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How long does it take to get approved for the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card?

In many circumstances you can get approved in a matter of minutes. If you are not approved immediately after filling out your application results will typically take between 7 and 10 days. Sometimes the bank will request further information or verification of income etc.

How do I get an invitation for the ink business credit card offers?

Chase, and most banks will typically run a soft inquiry on credit reports. From there they will determine via their algorithm which customers they deem creditworthy or have a higher chance of getting approved for a business credit card. These soft inquiries do not show up on the consumer’s credit report as an inquiry and do not affect their credit score. Once they receive data they feel is worthy of credit they will send out invitation offers. These offers may seem like pre approval offers, which they are but that doesn’t guarantee you will be approved. The likelihood however, may be higher.

The Chase Ink preferred business cards are some of the most popular business credit cards online today. Giving you a choice of travel rewards cash back Rewards and benefits like no annual fee.

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How to apply for a chase ink business credit card?

There are three main ways to apply for a Chase ink business credit card, the first is by applying online, the second would be to visit a branch and the third would be calling their toll free number.

  • Apply Online for a Business Credit Card.
  • Visit a Chase branch and apply in person.
  • Call Chase toll-free and apply over the phone.

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