What’s the highest credit score you can get? If you heard 850, think again.

That’s right, 850 is Typically in the high range, you will see a lot of companies state that credit scores range from 300 to 850. But but according to my myFico.com you can actually get a credit get a credit score of 900!

Have you heard of Fico® Score 9? It can actually help your score vs previous versions.

While the underlying foundation of FICO® Score 9 is consistent with previous versions, there are several unique features that make up FICO Score 9:

  • Before 9, when you had paid of collections, (including medical) you were still dinged for those. Even with that 0 balance! Not with Fico 9.
  • They are treating medical collections differently now than before, the impact to your score is less.
  • 3rd is a big one, especially for those with a limited credit score. You can now get the benefit of making your rental payments on time and having and having them reported to affect your score positively.
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