Can I Use My Walmart Credit Card At Sam’s Club

Yes, you can use both the Walmart Mastercard and the Walmart Rewards Card at Sam’s Club, both in-store and online at! These cards are co-branded with Mastercard, making them widely accepted.

Use your Sam's club mastercard at Walmart and vice-versa

Here are some additional details to keep in mind:

  • Rewards: You won’t earn the boosted rewards you normally get on Walmart purchases for using your Walmart credit card at Sam’s Club. However, you will still earn the base 1% cash back (Walmart Mastercard) or 5% points (Walmart Rewards Card) on your Sam’s Club purchases.
  • Sam’s Club membership: You will need to have a valid Sam’s Club membership to use any payment method at Sam’s Club, including your Walmart credit card.
  • Walmart Store Card vs. Walmart Credit Card: The Walmart Store Card, which is not a Mastercard, cannot be used at Sam’s Club.

Can you use your sam’s club mastercard at walmart

Yes, you can definitely use your Sam’s Club Mastercard at Walmart!

The Sam’s Club Mastercard is an open-loop Mastercard credit card, meaning it’s widely accepted anywhere Mastercard is, including Walmart stores and online at You can use it just like any other Mastercard credit card.

Here are some additional details to keep in mind (as of 1/15/2024 subject to change):

  • Rewards: You’ll earn different rewards depending on where you use your card:
    • 5% cash back on gas: For the first $6,000 spent per year on gas at any station that accepts Mastercard, then 1% after.
    • 3% cash back on Sam’s Club purchases: For Plus Members (Club Members earn 1%).
    • 3% cash back on dining and takeout: For all cardholders.
    • 1% cash back on other purchases: Wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • Membership: You don’t need a Sam’s Club membership to use your Sam’s Club Mastercard at Walmart. However, you will need a membership to use it at Sam’s Club.

So, feel free to whip out your Sam’s Club Mastercard at Walmart to earn those sweet rewards and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

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