Do some Citibank credit cards offer extended warranty on purchases?

In the past, some Citibank credit cards offered extended warranty protection. However, Citi has removed this benefit from most of their cards.

Currently, only the Citi Prestige Card and the Citi Premier Card may offer extended warranty. It’s always best to check the latest benefits guide for your specific Citibank card to confirm if extended warranty is included.

Here’s a summary of what to consider:

  • Not all Citibank cards offer extended warranty.
  • If your card offers extended warranty, it typically extends the original manufacturer’s warranty by up to 2 years, with a maximum coverage of $10,000 per item.
  • Review the benefits guide for your card or contact Citibank customer service for details on covered items and exclusions.

Financial Advisor Tip:

  • Don’t assume your Citibank card has extended warranty. Check the latest benefits guide or contact Citibank to confirm.
  • Consider if the extended warranty benefit is valuable to you compared to other card benefits and the annual fee.

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