Hyatt Credit Card

The Credit Card from Chase® is Currently Unavailable

Anyone who frequents Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide should get the Hyatt credit card. This is the official card for those who prefer to stay at Hyatt hotels and resorts and book there on a regular basis. Issued by JP Morgan Chase, this card can be used anywhere around the globe, providing accountholders the opportunity to earn rewards, discounts, and special packages in return for every dollar they spend using the plastic.

We’ve got some great hotel rewards cards in the market. If you are still in doubt as to why you should consider this card, here are some reasons:

  • Free nights – You can book a standard hotel room at any Hyatt resort or hotel around the world without any charge. You can even get two free nights stay at any of its hotel or resort branches around the world if you are able to reach its minimum spending requirement slated for the first three months of card opening. If you are a Diamond member, you can get even more additional free nights.
  • Suite upgrade – Once you make you first purchase with your card, you are eligible to earning two suite upgrades.
  • Yearly reward – To celebrate the anniversary of your card, you will be awarded with one free night at any category 1 to 4 Hyatt hotel.
  • Get points for on site purchases – When at a Hyatt property, you are eligible to earning three Hyatt Gold Passport points. You only need to use your card at the hotel or resort to earn points.
  • Double points for eligible purchases – If you use your card outside the Hyatt properties, you still have the opportunity to earn rewards for your expenses. This is applicable when you make purchases at restaurants, get airline tickets, and rent a car.
  • Get rewarded – If you make a purchase on categories that are not included in the rewards program of the Hyatt card, you can still earn points.
  • Automatic status boost – You have the opportunity to earn Platinum status while you still have the card. Being a Platinum member has many advantages, one of which is that it allows you to earn a variety of perks. These include enjoying a great bonus every time you choose Hyatt, plus you can choose the room where you would like to stay in.
  • Unlimited points – Points are not capped so you can earn as many as you want every year. You can save them for your next trip since they will not expire.
  • No foreign transaction charge – Carry this card wherever you go and you won’t need to pay additional transaction fees for overseas purchases.

The Hyatt credit card is a Visa Signature, which means it is accepted worldwide. It is equipped with special protection, so you can be assured of security anywhere you use it on purchases. The only downside to this card is its high annual fee. This annual fee, though, is only a small portion compared to the benefits that you can get if you use this card.

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