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When used strategically, a credit card can bring true advantages for a small business. The Chase Ink cards are created for business owners. Whether or not you are planning to launch your company or you already have one, you may have received an invitation letter from Chase for the Ink cards. There are three popular Ink cards. These include the Ink Cash® Business Card,
Ink Bold® Business Card, and
Ink Plus® Business Card

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How to Qualify for Chase Ink Business Card

These are the following recommended steps to qualify for a Chase Ink Business card (apply here CreditSoup Business Cards). First, you should have an incorporated business such as an llc, or for profit business. Credit scores around 650 have reported success in getting a Chase Ink Business card, but 700+ is highly recommended for the best shot.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for Chase Ink Business Cards?

With great credit you can get approved in under a minute after completing the application online. If for some reason Chase wants more information you can expect to get results in 7-10 days.

.Each has its own features and services. The final decision on whether or not you will respond to the invitation for Ink from Chase still lies in your hands.

Two Types of Solicitation Letter from Card Issuers

Chase and all the other card issuers normally send out emails or posts in bulk to possible customers. There are two kinds of letter that are delivered – the prescreened and the invitation to apply. These two are completely different, so you should always read through the letter and the fine print to find out which of these is sent to you.

In a prescreened letter, it will be noted that you are preapproved for the credit card. Preapproved means that the offer is based on your credit score and your whole credit history. Perhaps a particular Ink from Chase fits your current credit standing. If so, you will most likely receive a mail from Chase, congratulating you on your preapproval. The Federal law requires that all offers stated in the mail are firm and cannot be altered by the issuer.

On the other hand, an invitation for application is merely an invitation. Hence, you are only asked to apply for a certain card. If you received the invitation from Chase, it typically means that Chase has not gone through your report yet. The decision, then, will be based on the information that you provide during the application.

Bear in mind that whether you receive a prescreened offer or an invitation to apply, both do not guarantee that you will be approved. The good news is that your credit score is not affected unless you apply for the offered card. Responding to a card offer is pretty simple. All you need is to follow the link on the letter. You will be taken to the Chase offer website where you are required to provide your zip code and the invitation number. The number is in a 12-digit form, which you should enter correctly.

Which Ink Card to Get

You can choose which Ink card to apply for depending on your business’ needs. If you want a card that does not have an annual fee, but comes with great rewards on business-related purchases, opt for either the Ink Cash® Business Card. If you don’t mind paying for the annual fee and you want discounts on travel and hotel accommodations, get either Ink Bold or Ink Plus. Note that the Ink Bold is a premium charge card, which means that you are required to pay for the balance in full every month.

Like all the other invitations you may have received, you should always read through the fine print of the card agreement before responding to the mail. The Ink cards from Chase are definitely a bunch of first-rate cards for any business owner.

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