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Creditlimitincrease Citi Com get an increase to your credit limit for your Citibank accounts

What is

An easy way to request a credit limit increase for your Citi credit card accounts is by visiting when you visit this web address you simply enter your login information to Citibank and they will take you to a short questionnaire which basically asks you about your annual income and your monthly mortgage / rent payment.

It appears that when you confirm the information you provided which is your annual income and monthly rent or mortgage payment there is either an approve or deny type of computer algorithm that either grants you a credit line increase or denies you. I was approved for a small credit line increase and then it stated below that if you wish to obtain a larger credit line increase please enter the amount of increase you would like. Then it stated that a customer service representative would review the account and it also stated that it would result in a pull on your credit report. So it leads me to believe that the initial credit line increase doesn’t affect your credit report unless you manually enter in a higher number that requires them to review.

Please visit if you are interested in obtaining an increase in your credit lines on your Citicard Credit Cards

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