Invitation for Delta American Express Bonus Offers like 60,000 Miles

Check Invitation or No-Invitation for offers of 50k, 60k even 70k bonus miles

You may have received an offer in the mail from which is an invitation to receive bonus miles from American Express Delta credit card. Some users have reported that you don’t necessarily need an invitation code to check if you have any available offers, you can simply enter your SkyMiles number and last name. Bonus Delta Skymiles American express offer

Users have reported getting bonus miles of 60,000 even up to 70,000 miles with the Platinum American Express Delta card. From what I understand this is a one-time offer and if you have received any sort of bonus miles in the past then you are not eligible to get the bonus again, however I have not confirmed this.

Visit and check your offer or if you have available offers

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