Five tips to help you decide on an airlines credit card

Many people ask if they should get in airlines credit card. Usually these are consumers that are thinking about thinking trip in the near future. If you use a credit card wisely, getting in airlines credit card can pay for itself as well as the future trip that you may be planning. Here are five tips to help you decide whether or not an airlines credit card or a frequent flyer miles credit card is right for you.

1. Find out what the major hub is to your closest airport, or the airport that you plan on using the most. A lot of times choosing an airlines that flies out of your airport will have a airline miles credit card, and that can be beneficial towards earning the most miles or frequent flyer points on your credit card.

2. Look for airline miles credit cards that offer no blackout dates, no expiration dates on the miles you earn, so you don’t have to worry about building up miles or points over the years, and losing them at some point.

3. Pay close attention to the annual fee, you don’t want to have an annual fee that will offset the rewards you plan on earning. Many airlines miles credit cards have some sort of annual fees, or a higher interest rate. Credit card companies don’t like to hear this, but if they waived the 1st years annual fee, you could use the credit card for the 1st 23 months and cancele prior to the 24th month to save paying the annual fee. Many times the airline rewards credit card will waive the fee if you call to cancel, as a way to keep you as a customer.

4. Consider taking advantage of a credit card that offers bonus miles for making a certain dollar amount in purchases within a certain amount of time. Many times the bonus mile offer can be good for or close to the amount of a round-trip ticket. An example of this would be a bonus of 25,000 miles if you spend $1000 on that credit card within the 1st 3 months. If you use your airline rewards credit card with the award miles, sometimes you can get a discount as well. An example would be 25,000 miles per round trip, but since you are using their credit card it would only be 20,000 miles. (i.e. you have 18,000 miles and you need to use your card to pay in dollars the additional 2,000 miles)

5. Last but not least, make sure you find out if the miles can transfer 1:1 with other frequent flyer programs, travel sources such as hotels and more. This can be an excellent added perk, if you don’t want to be tied down to your frequent flyer program, or you get in a pinch where you need to use another airlines, or book a hotel. offers Airlines Credit Cards that you can compare

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