How to get/find the Chase Ink Preferred 100k Points Business Card

How to Get Chase Ink Preferred 100,000 points offer

Where can I apply for the 100,000 Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card Card Offer

You can apply here at CreditSoup Business Cards

You can easily apply online at the Business Credit Cards page. Since this is now a public offer there is no special code required or a necessity to go into a branch to visit a manager for the special 100,000 bonus offer.

How many points is the 100k Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card Worth?

100,000 bonus points is worth $1,000 if you choose to get cash for the points. If you decide to use it for travel through the Chase Travel℠ site it’s worth 25% more, a whopping $1,250!

What do I need to do to qualify for the 100,000 Ink Bonus Points?

Once you apply for the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card and your account is opened. You simply need to spend $15,000 in purchases within the first 3 months starting from your account open date. Balance transfers, cash advances and ATM withdrawals will not count towards the 15,000 dollars.

How can I redeem my 100k bonus points? What can I convert the points to?

Redeem your 100,000 Ink Preferred bonus points either through gift cards, cash back, travel rewards or more options. You can compare ways to get the best return on your points. Sometimes there will be a special offer on gift cards where you get more cash for less points. Chase Ultimate travel rewards site will always get your more than cash and so on!

Kickstart your way to 100k bonus points visit CreditSoup Business Cards

Do my Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card 100,000 bonus points ever expire?

There is no expiration on your Chase Ink bonus points as long as your account remains open.

Is there an Annual Fee on the 100k Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card?

There is an annual fee of $95. This can be offset by spending just over $3,000 per year on travel and select business expenses or $9,500 on everything else!

Is the Chase Ink Business Card Worth It?

Yes, the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card is worth it for businesses that can spend enough to offset the $95 fee each year.

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