How to Activate Your Indigo Credit Card: A Comprehensive Guide

Activation: Unlocking Your Indigo Credit Card

Congratulations on receiving your new Indigo credit card! Now, to unlock its full potential, you need to activate it. Activating your Indigo Credit Card is the first step towards managing your finances with ease and enjoying the benefits it offers. You’ve probably received your Genesis Indigo Mastercard in the mail or if you’re considering applying for one, this guide will walk you through the activation process seamlessly. From logging into your account to contacting Genesis Indigo customer service, we’ve got you covered.

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Method 1: Online Activation

  1. Navigate to the official Indigo activation portal: You can reach this haven by visiting Alternatively, search for “Indigo card activation” on your trusty web browser.
  2. Register a new account: Initially the website will ask you to register your account. Luckily here you can do this with or without your card present.
  3. Enter your card details: This includes your 16-digit card number, date of birth, and Social Security number (don’t worry, it’s secure!).
  4. If you don’t have your card details you will enter your last name, zip code and DOB / SSN.
  5. Create your account: Choose a strong password and provide your contact information. Remember, this is your gateway to managing your card online, so make it secure!
  6. Confirm and activate: Review the information you entered, and if everything looks shipshape, hit that “Activate” button. Congratulations, your Indigo card is now ready to roam!

Method 2: Telephone Activation

  1. Dial the Concora (Formerly Genesis) Indigo customer service number: Reach out to the friendly folks at Concora Indigo by dialing (800) 353-5920. They’re available Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.
  2. Prepare your card details: Have your card number, expiration date, and Social Security number handy to expedite the process.
  3. Follow the instructions: The customer service representative will guide you through the activation process. Be prepared to answer some security questions for verification.

After Activation

Following the activation of your Indigo Mastercard, you can manage your account through the Indigo card account login or the Indigo myfinance service. These platforms allow you to check your balance, view statements, and make payments conveniently. Remember to use the indigocard login or myindigocard login page for secure access to your account information.

Bonus Tip: If you’re already a Concora (Genesis) Indigo Mastercard cardholder, you can skip the activation song and dance by logging in to your existing account at indigo myfinance service. Simply navigate to the “Manage Your Card” section and follow the prompts to activate your new card.

Additional Resources:

  • Concora (Formerly Genesis) Indigo Card Website:
  • Genesis Indigo Customer Service: (800) 353-5920
  • Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues during activation, don’t hesitate to contact Genesis Indigo customer service for assistance.

Remember, activating your Indigo card is a breeze! With this guide and a little effort, you’ll be swiping with confidence in no time. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can activate your Indigo card and enjoy the benefits it offers without any hassle. Remember, managing your card effectively starts with activation, so take the first step today and unlock the potential of your Concora (Previously Genesis) Indigo Mastercard.

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