What’s the best credit card for everyday use?

3 of the Best Every Day Use Credit Cards Reviewed.

What is an everyday credit card?

An everyday credit card is one that you use to fill up your gas tank, buy groceries, pay your monthly bills like your cable bill etc. One of the great things about an everyday credit card is you can really track your expenses. Usually they’ll be broken down on your bill, so you can really see what categories your spend is. Plus iff you’ve got any leaks that you might want to tighten up. Example, wow I’m spending almost a car payment on that Coffee for breakfast and lunch!

Which credit cards are best for daily use?

The answer here is not as easy as one would think. There are several things to factor in including rewards, annual fee and spend. So we will breakdown the best credit cards for daily use by rewards category.

Best daily use credit card for cash back rewards.

best daily use cash back credit card for everyday use

Since you know you will be using this card every day for your daily purchases why not get cash back since you’re gonna spend the money anyways. In that case the best credit card for this scenario you get thrown incredible recommended by us is the Citi® Double Cash Card.

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What we love about the Citi® Double Cash Card is that you get 2% back on everyday purchases plus there is no annual fee and you can take advantage of a 0% introductory APR balance transfer offer if you need to.

Best everyday credit card for dining and takeout.

best everday credit card for dining takeout and drugstores the Chase Freedom Unlimited®

If you eat out a lot, or find yourself ordering food often at home or in the office then there is a hands down easy choice here for food and takeout rewards. It’s the Chase Freedom Unlimited® card.

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You can also mix and match this card with some travel rewards and if you shop at drugstores there’s also a bonus for that.

What we love about this card is the ability to get 5% on Chase ultimate rewards travel, 3% at drug stores, restaurants and food delivery services (check eligibility). The nice thing is there is no annual fee and you also earn 1.5% on other everyday purchases that don’t fall into the above rewards category.

Best everyday credit card for those who travel and fly.

best everyday credit card for travel and flights

If you travel on a regular basis, getting hotel rooms, renting cars, or purchasing flights. The best daily credit card for the traveler is the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card. When you book your hotels and car rentals through Capital One travel you earn 5X points / miles, and 2 points on everyday purchases.

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This card comes with a bonus miles promotion and there is an annual fee. You will definitely want to make sure that you can offset the annual fee with rewards each year.

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