Which is better Chase Slate or Chase Freedom

Which is better chase Slate or Chase Freedom® Visa<\h1>
Both the Chase Slate and Chase Freedom® Visa offer an attractive balance transfer offer. The chase Slate however, offers a 0% APR balance transfer plus there’s no balance transfer fee. As far as rewards go the Chase Freedom® Visa card is chock-full of rewards as compared to the chase Slate credit card. Both cards offer blueprint which helps consumers pay down their debts in a timely and responsible manner.

If rewards are what you’re looking for then the Chase Freedom® Visa is the easy choice hands-down. If you are looking for a balance transfer credit card with no balance transfer fee then the Chase Slate is definitely the card to apply for. Take a look and compare both of these excellent Chase credit card products below.

Compare the top Excellent Credit Card Offers - CreditSoup Balance Transfer Cards

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