Preapprovedtotal Total Visa Reservation Code Offer Reservation Number for Total Visa® Card Review

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You may have received a mail offer for the Total Visa® Card. Which is a pre-approved offer issued by the Bank of Missouri. The Total Visa® Card is targeted to people who have poor/bad credit. This is a card that should only be applied for if you are in need of rebuilding or improving your credit score. Total Visa® Card Review

Below is a review of the Total Visa® Card that goes over the card rates, fees and terms of the card.

  • Interest rate (shown as Annual Percentage Rate) *See Terms this rate is charged for any balance that isn’t paid after the statement closing date + 21 days. You have 21 days from statement close to avoid paying interest.
  • Program fee *See Terms (Paid up-front)
  • Annual fee *See Terms (deducted from your initial credit limit)
  • Monthly servicing fee (Waived first year, *See Terms per year)

In order to apply for the Total Visa® Card you will need to come up with the *See Terms program fee before the card will be opened.

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