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You may have received a mail offer for the Total Visa® Card. Which is a pre-approved offer issued by the Bank of Missouri. The Total Visa® Card is targeted to people who have poor/bad credit. This is a card that should only be applied for if you are in need of rebuilding or improving your credit score. Total Visa® Card Review

Below is a review of the Total Visa® Card that goes over the card rates, fees and terms of the card.

  • Interest rate (shown as Annual Percentage Rate) *See Terms this rate is charged for any balance that isn’t paid after the statement closing date + 21 days. You have 21 days from statement close to avoid paying interest.
  • Program fee *See Terms (Paid up-front)
  • Annual fee *See Terms (deducted from your initial credit limit)
  • Monthly servicing fee (Waived first year, *See Terms per year)

In order to apply for the Total Visa® Card you will need to come up with the *See Terms program fee before the card will be opened.

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A review of the Total Visa card including features good and bad

The Total Visa card is a credit card that is designed for consumers with poor or limited credit. It is accepted at merchants worldwide that accept Visa cards.

Some pros and cons of the Total Visa card include:

  1. Low credit limit: The Total Visa card has a low credit limit, which can help you manage your spending and avoid accumulating too much debt.
  2. High APR: The Total Visa card has a high APR, which means that carrying a balance can be expensive. It is important to pay off your balance in full each month to avoid interest charges.
  3. Annual fee: The Total Visa card has an annual fee, which can be a drawback for some consumers.
  4. Reports to credit bureaus: The Total Visa card reports to the three major credit bureaus, which means that responsible use of the card can help you improve your credit score over time.
  5. Online account management: You can manage your Total Visa card account online, which makes it easy to check your balance, make payments, and view your transactions.
  6. No rewards program: The Total Visa card does not offer a rewards program, which means that you will not earn points or cash back on your purchases.

Overall, the Total Visa card can be a good option for consumers with poor or limited credit who want to improve their credit score. However, the high APR and annual fee may be a drawback for some consumers, so it’s important to compare the terms and fees of different credit cards before making a decision. Additionally, it is important to use the Total Visa card responsibly and pay your balance in full each month to avoid accumulating debt and incurring interest charges.

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