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BlazeCC fresh start to help rebuild your credit

If you received a pre-selected offer for the blaze MasterCard credit card here you can learn more about this credit card offer.

Is the blaze MasterCard legit?

The Blaze MasterCard is a legit credit card it is offered by the First Savings Bank.

What are the credit limits that I can get with a blaze MasterCard?

You can be pre-approved for a credit limit up to $1,500, and since it’s an unsecured credit card there’s no deposit required. Most customers will receive an initial credit limit of $350 and some will receive higher.

How do I apply for the blaze MasterCard credit offer.

You can apply by visiting here and scrolling to the blaze MasterCard to start the application.

Apply for the Indigo Mastercard Here - Excellent Credit Not Required

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