Envelope from PO Box 247001 Omaha NE

Received a credit card or white envelope from PO Box 247001, Omaha, NE 68124

Have you received an envelope from the address PO Box 247001 Omaha NE 68124 and are wondering is this from a legit company? Perhaps you may have seen more than one credit card sent to you in the mail from this address and are wondering why. Look no further we have done the research and have the explanation for you.

Is mail from Omaha NE PO Box a scam?

No, you can rest assured mail you receive from the PO Box 247001 in Omaha is not a scam. Actually credit card companies will use a shared service or third party with other credit card companies too handle the production and mailing of the credit cards, debit cards and company cards. For example, when we did a search for that address we found that ADP has a spending account service that is produced there. It also appears that Capital One sends their cards out from there as well. Even the EIP (Economic Impact Payment) debit card from the CARES act is sent from a PO address in Omaha NE more than likely the 247001 address!

Here are some legit companies that mail from 247001 Omaha.

The envelope said return service requested what does this mean?

This is a basically a service that the USPS does where it will notify the sender of a possible new or changed address or forwarded address if envelope was undeliverable due to several reasons. The envelope will be sent back to the sender.

Who is the company sending out these credit cards?

The information was vague but we believe that the company is First Data / Fiserv with several locations in Omaha NE. While checking out their website it appears they work with banks, credit unions, fintech companies, large enterprise and large financial institutions. They don’t state specifically that they work with credit cards per say, but we believe with how much they work with the banks this is more than likely something they do.

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