Should I use a credit card to purchase flights?

In most cases, using a credit card is a better option for booking flights, especially if you have a travel rewards card. Here’s why:

  • Convenience and Security: Credit cards simplify the flight booking process. While debit and prepaid cards can also be used, credit cards generally offer superior fraud protection in case of unauthorized charges.
  • Rewards Programs: Travel rewards cards allow you to accumulate points or miles on everyday purchases, which can be redeemed for free flights. Many cards co-branded with airlines offer the most rewards for flights on that specific carrier. However, if you prefer flexibility, general travel cards provide broader redemption options across multiple airlines.
  • Travel Benefits: Several travel cards come with valuable perks that can enhance your flying experience and potentially save you money. These benefits might include trip delay/cancellation insurance, airport lounge access, companion tickets, free checked bags, priority boarding, and statement credits towards airline fees and other flight-related expenses.

Top Credit Card Picks for Flights:

Finding the Perfect Card:

  • Explore these options alongside other highly-rated travel cards.
  • Use our Cardrewards card finder tool to receive personalized recommendations for the best credit card based on your needs.

By strategically using a travel rewards credit card, you can benefit from convenience, valuable rewards programs, and a variety of perks that can make flying more affordable and enjoyable.

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